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Product Name : Standard Pulp Disintegrator((Autolift)
Item# : PL28-3
Model : PL28-3
Last update : 2019.06.29
Manufacturer : Xianyang Taist Test Equipment Co., LTD

PL28-3 Standard Pulp Disintegrator suita((Autolift)ble for papermaking industry, chemical   industry, scientific research institutes, laboratories and other industries of various fiber relief and stirring,fibrous raw materials is disaggregation by the hydraulic,make bundle of fiber disaggregate into single fibre.Mainly used for the determination of papermaking, filtering,and filtering sample preparation, and other industries of certain liquid stirring and mixing.

The equipment in accordance with JIS P8220, TAPP T205, and ISO - 5263, and equipped with numerical control TAB.


1.test raw material:theoretically dry 24g  concentration:1.2%  solution:2000ml                                      

2.voltage:380v RPM:3000r/min,    power:0.37kw


4.Barrel volume:>3000ml pulp volume:2000ml



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