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PL7-G Drum Dryer

PL7-G Type Drum Dryer is designed for drying hand sheets rapidly with precise temperature control.By controlling the drum speed and temperature, rapid and consistent sheet drying is achieved. The drum temperature is digitally controlled with a thermocouple feedback sensor.A continuous wool felt carries the sheets through the dryer. Felt tensioner and roller around the dryer.It is used to improve t
  • Introduction

    PL7-G Type Drum Dryer is designed for drying hand sheets rapidly with precise temperature control.By controlling the drum speed and temperature, rapid and consistent sheet drying is achieved. The drum temperature is digitally controlled with a thermocouple feedback sensor.A continuous wool felt carries the sheets through the dryer. Felt tensioner and roller around the dryer.It is used to improve the tightness of the paper and improve the fit with the dryer.

    Technical Parameters

    The drying cylinder has a diameter of 220mm and a length of 500mm (other sizes can be customized for users)

    Speed: 0-8rmp, frequency control

    Wool width: 500mm

    Heating power: 4.5Kw, three-phase 380

    Power supply: three-phase four-wire system, 4.75KW/380V

    Temperature control mode: PID automatic temperature control

    Maximum temperature: 150 ° C

    Temperature measurement method: surface embedded temperature measurement

    Surface temperature uniformity: ±3 °C